JSC Atomenergoprom unites all kinds of enterprises, from enterprises forming the whole towns and employing tens of thousands of employees, to small educational institutions. All enterprises belong to the same industry, but apply various approaches and technologies in order to produce a wide range of products and services. The geography of the company enterprises includes many regions of Russia, as well as a number of foreign countries. Our values are the unified basis of our operations, the common platform, on which each enterprise builds its own mechanism of efficiency management.

AEP Values:

  • Safety (ensuring trouble-free operation, absence of hazard for society on various levels — physical, economic, technological);
  • Quality (full compliance with the requirements of customers, both external and internal, established standards and technologies);
  • Innovations (development and introduction of new technologies, approaches and modes of operation);
  • Efficiency (motivation, promotion and creation of conditions for achievement of high labor results in order to achieve corporate strategic goals);
  • Standards (strict observance of rules and regulations mandatory for application in the industry).

Training and Development

One of the basic values of AEP human resources is the high professional skill of its employees. The basis of the company’s competitive advantage in the world market lies in technological innovations, which require the employees to continuously maintain and develop a high level of knowledge and skill in their professional area.
A modern specialist is unable to work efficiently without continuously refreshing his or her knowledge, studying new information and management programs, technical and technological innovations. This training, professional development and retraining are one of the most powerful factors of crucial importance for strengthening the company’s position.

The company includes three private educational institutions (see below). At each of them an employee has an opportunity to study both at these industry centers, as well as at other educational facilities (provided that there is a production need for such training). The budget allocated for employee training exceeds average market values.

Educational and Training Centers of Atomenergoprom

Employment Benefits

Atomenergoprom implements socially oriented personnel policy: ensures adequate remuneration of labor and social guarantees (medical insurance etc.) for its employees.

The company is formed on the basis of enterprises with glorious history rich in outstanding achievements. All our achievements are based on team approach to work. By united efforts we move to a single goal, and on this way every employee is important. Our employees are our main value and key resource. It is important for us that every employee feels comfortable and confident within our team, has an chance to fulfill his or her professional and creative potential, gets an opportunity to develop and improve his or her business qualities and professional skills.

AEP incentive system is based on five fundamental principles:

  • work performance level and employees’ contribution;
  • following company values;
  • competitiveness of salaries and wages in the labor market;
  • social programs for employees;
  • value of provided compensation.

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