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What was the purpose of Atomenergoprom creation?

AEP was created in order to consolidate civilian assets of the nuclear industry. More.

How to get in touch with Press service of JSC Atomenergoprom?

State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom's Communications Department also functions as the Atomenergoprom's Press Service.

Phone: +7 499 949-4650, 949-4078

Fax: +7 499 949-2722

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How many nuclear power plants are currently in service in Russia?

There are 32 power units operated at 10 nuclear power plants in Russia, with installed capacity of 23242 MW. More.

Why nuclear power engineering is necessary?

The development of nuclear power engineering is necessary to provide for the growing electricity needs of the economy. Under the conditions of limited renewable resources (oil, gas, coal) and the necessity to comply with the strict requirements of Kyoto Protocol, construction of nuclear power plants is an efficient source of cheap energy which does not create pollutant emissions into the atmosphere.

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