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N-Plants Maintenance and Upgrading

Russian applied research and design offices possess considerable experience of conducting comprehensive development, theoretical design and experimental research works for upgrading nuclear power plants currently in service, including upgrades with power ascension; carries out works on prolonging service life of  VVER reactors. Within the framework of such projects the company has the capacity of manufacturing and supply of specific equipment on own production plant.

Atomenergoproekt, Research, Design and Exploration Institute, Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1982
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Engineering company, general designer of nuclear power plants; carries out full package of works on design, construction and upgrading of nuclear power plants, including works on selection of the construction site, design of the project, field supervision of the nuclear power plant construction, and technical support of its operation; carries out start-up works at nuclear power plants with various types of reactors, supplies of equipment and materials, conducts construction and assembly works. Busher NPP in Iran and Kundakulam NPP in India are currently under construction after designs by Atomenergoproekt, the company acts as the general contractor in the design and construction of Novovoronezh NPP-2 (two units with VVER-1200 reactors after ‘NPP-2006’ design) and Kursk NPP (the fifth power unit). Atomenergoproject also renders technical assistance in the operation of Kozloduy NPP (Bulgaria) and Temelin NPP (Czech Republic).

Atomenergoremont, Joint Stock Company
Mytischi, Moscow Region
Year of establishment: 1997
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Production association Atomenergoremont for maintenance, repairs and reconstruction of nuclear power plants; performs all the said tasks, as well as upgrading systems and equipment of buildings and structures of Russian and foreign nuclear power plants (China, Bulgaria, Iran); develops and manufactures diagnostic tools, equipment and accessories for repairs.


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