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Uranium Production

Mining division of ROSATOM – Uranium holding ARMZ (Atompredmetzoloto) is a leader of the world uranium market. The uranium extraction in 2014 attained 3000 tons. Russia takes the third place in the world on the amount of the deposits (727,2 thousand tons of the balanced uranium deposits), this amount is sufficient to ensure reliable supplies of raw materials for many decades ahead.

ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. (JSC Atomredmetzoloto), Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1992

The largest enterprise incorporated within the area of supervision of Uranium holding ARMZ is the founded in 1968 Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (PIMCU, located in Transbaical area). PIMCU performs underground mining of uranium. Two other enterprises are effectively developing: Khiagda in Republic of Buryatia and Dalur in Kurgan region, mine the uranium by more environmentally clean method of downhole in-situ leaching. Khiagda is considered to be the most perspective asset of the holding, the upgrading of its production capacities in near future will allow coming to the production capacity of 1000 tons of uranium per year.

The unique competences concentrated within the company allow performing the entire set of industrial activities starting with geologic exploration to reprocessing of the natural uranium. The daughter companies of Atompredmetzoloto include service center RUSBURMASH engaged in exploration of subsoil resources both in Russia and abroad and engineering center VNIPIprotekhnologii, specialized in “turn-key” design and construction of industrial facilities.

In addition, Uranium holding ARMZ performs a number of projects associated with mining of rare, rare-earth and precious metals. A key project is the development of lead-zinc silver containing field on the archipelago Novaya Zemlya, which mineral deposits will allow establishing a largest refinery capacity in Russia. The basis for successful implementation of the projects is many-years’ experience of deposits development in the various geo-climatic conditions.

Atompredmetzoloto is a member of World Nuclear Association.


Uranium Conversion and Enrichment