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Nuclear and Power Engineering

Atomenergoprom structure includes a number of enterprises specializing in production of power equipment, including turbines, steam generators, pipelines, welded metal structures, etc. These enterprises possess advanced equipment base ensuring high quality and timeliness in performance of the most complicated orders.

Atomenergomash (Nuclear and Energy Machine Building), Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 2006
Percentage of share ownership: 63.58%
Atomenergomash is a company specializing in production of equipment for nuclear and heat power engineering. Atomenergomash owns 51% of CJSC Russian Power Machine Engineering Company, which, in its turn, owns the machinery works JSC ZiO-Podolsk (supplier of heat power plant boiler island equipment) and JSC Engineering Company Ziomar. Atomenergomash is also implementing a joint project with French Alstom to facilitate production of slow-speed turbines and established a joint venture with Hungarian Ganz Energetika Kft., owns 100% of shares of Czech company Arako spol. s.r.o. manufacturing pipeline accessories for nuclear and traditional power engineering and for oil and gas industry, Stalenergoproject LLC, and a number of other enterprises.

Atomspetsconstruktsiya Experimental Plant, Joint Stock Company
Electrostal, Moscow Region
Year of establishment: 1963
Percentage of share ownership: 25.5%
Enterprise specializing in manufacturing and power engineering equipment; supplies high- and low-pressure pipeline units from corrosion resistant and carbon steel, carries out pressure vessel control for chemical plants and for general use, engages in manufacturing of nonstandard equipment, clean-room structures, welded metal structures for various applications, manufacturing equipment.

Khimprominzhiniring, NPK, Joint Stock Company 
Year of establishment: 2007

Website is under construction
The Company is the largest Russian producer of carbon fiber, made by JSC Argon (Balakovo, Saratov Region) and JSC Carbonic and Composite Plant (Chelyabinsk) subsidiaries. Under the perspective goals of the Company is expanding its production capacity. At the moment a new production base is in process of development. This base will help to produce carbon fiber with updated features compared with best foreign analogues. Till 2020 the Company has plans to reach production capacity more that 3000 t per year and obtain more than 5% of the world market.  

Krasnaya Zvezda, Research and Production Association
Year of establishment: 1972
Percentage of share ownership: 0% (the enterprise is currently in the process of incorporation)
Research and production association, developer and manufacturer of space nuclear engines, experience in operating reactors in space; performs research and development in the area of nuclear power engineering, production of equipment for nuclear power plants and research nuclear reactors.

Molniya Machine Building Plant, Production Association, Federal State Unitary Enterprise
Year of establishment: 1929
Percentage of share ownership: 0% (the enterprise is currently in the process of incorporation)
One of the first enterprises in the nuclear industry (system of the Ministry of Medium Machine Engineering) which actively participated in the development and production of nuclear weapons; manufactures a wide range of equipment and devices for nuclear power engineering, defense industry, various manufacturing industries. Products of the Works include: security equipment, high-voltage equipment, flow measuring devices and heat metering units etc.

Nizhneturinsky Engineering Works Venta, Joint Stock Company
Nizhnyaya Tura, Sverdlovsk Region
Year of establishment: 1957
Percentage of share ownership: 74.84%
One of the largest manufacturers of industrial ventilation and heating equipment in Russia: specializes in manufacturing equipment for nuclear power plants, chemical technology, heat-exchange, capacitive equipment, automatic hydraulic hoists, oilrig equipment; also manufactures industrial ventilation and heating equipment, nuclear material storage and transportation equipment (containers for special products and materials, fuel casks), radioactive waste handling and processing equipment.

Perlovsky Power Equipment Plant, Joint Stock Company
Mytischi, Moscow Region
Year of establishment: 1939
Percentage of share ownership: 25.5%
Specializes in manufacturing equipment and spare parts for heat and nuclear power plants; manufactures energy release sensors, spent fuel storage casks, channel stoppers for RBMK reactors, bead cleaning systems for turbine condensers of nuclear and heat power plants, burner devices for lower and medium power steam boilers.

Progress Plant Protvino, Joint Stock Company
Protvino, Moscow Region
Year of establishment: 1967
Percentage of share ownership: 49%
Pilot factory of the Russian nuclear industry in the area of development, manufacturing and supply of low-voltage electrical devices for nuclear power plants, research institutes and projects of fuel and energy sector. Certified for compliance of quality management system to ISO 9001 standard. Supplies products to CIS countries, India, China, Vietnam and Iran.

Russian Gas Centrifuge (EC RGC), Engineering Center, JSC
Year of foundation: 2008
The company controls major mechanical-engineering manufacturers, and design and experimental institutions of the Russian Federation dealing with developing and manufacturing gas centrifuges and auxiliary equipment for uranium isotopes separation. The company’s affiliates are currently manufacturing gas centrifuges, technological equipment for nuclear industry, electric equipment for cars, water, gas and heat accounting meters, computer controlled print-board processing machines, and solar traps for sun power plants. The company also provides a full complex of services related to supplying a broad range of metal processing, metering and specific equipment as well as its warranty and post-warranty service.

Signal, Joint Stock Company
Obninsk, Kaluga Region
Year of establishment: 1968
Percentage of share ownership: 30%
Manufacturing enterprise specializing in production of electronic systems for control and monitoring of nuclear power plant units, control of radiation situation at nuclear-hazardous projects, production of dosimetric devices and gas detectors for various purposes. Besides, the enterprise is involved in development and commercial production of fire alarm systems for a wide range of applications.

Vladimir Production Association Tochmash, Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1933
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Multidisciplinary manufacturing enterprise specializing in precision instrument and machine engineering. Produces process equipment for nuclear power engineering, automotive electric equipment, water, gas and heat meters, program-controlled printed circuit boards manufacturing machines, mass consumption products.



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