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Nuclear Plants Engineering and Construction

Atomenergoprom subsidiaries possess tremendous experience in design and constructing of nuclear power plants. They carry out full package of design works, including site selection, development of design and technical documentation, field supervision of power plant construction. Design and construction of power plants is performed in full compliance with all international standards and requirements.

SE Group of Companies
Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Saint Petersburg
Year of establishment: 1951
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
SE Group of Companies was established within the framework of development of ROSATOM engineering division, by uniting four leading companies of the industry: NIAEP JSC, ASE JSC, Atomenergoproekt JSC and ATOMPROEKT JSC. ASE Group of Companies is one of the world leaders in nuclear power engineering business and holds over 30% of the global NPP construction market. Representative offices and operational offices of ASE Group of Companies operate in the territories of 15 countries around the world, with almost 80% of ASE portfolio coming from projects abroad. Besides, ASE implements project for construction of facilities for RAW and SNF management, thermal power plants as well as renders a full range of EPC, EPC(M) and PMC services for any complex engineering facilities. ASE Group of Companies is a developer and actively introduces the innovative project management system for construction of complex engineering facilities – Multi-D which enables to more effectively manage such parameters as the budget, deadlines and quality.

Krasnoyarsk State Design and Survey Institute VNIPIET (KGPII VNIPIET), Joint Stock Company
Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Region
Year of establishment: 1952
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Website currently under construction.
Design and survey organization specializing in design of buildings and structures for specialized factories and housing and communal services. The institute has designed industrial projects of Mining and Chemical Complex, conducted design and survey works in Zelenogorsk, Snezhinsk, Sarov, Dimitrovgrad, Nizhnyaya Tura, Penza. A whole number of residential projects and administrative buildings in Krasnoyarsk Region cities and districts have been built after designs by the Institute.

Novosibirsk Institute VNIPIET, Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1955
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Institute performing comprehensive design and engineering of equipment for Russian nuclear industry projects; develops equipment for decommissioning and deactivation of nuclear installations, radiation protection (screening) equipment for nuclear installations; conducts design of buildings and structures, environmental research, topographic, land measuring and mapping works at construction sites; performs services on urban planning documentation development.

Orgstroyproekt, Siberian Project and Research Institute, Joint Stock Company
Angrask, Irkutsk Region
Year of establishment: 1948
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
R&D enterprise performing the full complex of design and survey works for construction of building industry, building materials industry, power engineering projects; works on capital construction and development of industrial projects, architectural design, survey and land measuring works, works on water supply, engineering, ecology and environmental protection.

State Specialized Design Institute (GSPI), Federal State Unitary Enterprise
Year of establishment: 1998
Percentage of share ownership: 0 % (the enterprise is currently in the process of incorporation)
Institute performing comprehensive design of industrial and municipal construction projects; develops designs of industrial project, residential houses and blocks, medical institutions, garages, laboratories. The Institute acts as developer and manufacturer of automated instrument monitoring system of high-rise building deformation.

Ural Design and Survey Institute of Integrated Power Engineering Technology VNIPIET (UPII VNIPIET), Joint Stock Company
Ozyorsk, Chelyabinsk Region
Year of establishment: 1959
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
R&D organization specializing in design of nuclear power engineering projects; engages in design of nuclear and radiation-hazardous projects, power engineering projects, utility networks and systems, engineering survey, construction and technological design, engineering and reconstruction, development of engineering civil defense measures, emergency prevention measures, environment protection measures.

VNIPIET, Joint Stock Company
Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Region
Year of establishment: 2004
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Website is under construction.
The company is the successor of Sosnovy Bor State Design and Survey Institute VNIPIET, and conducts comprehensive design of nuclear power engineering and industry projects, including storage facilities for nuclear fuel, hard and liquid radioactive waste, as well as projects in machine and instrument engineering, chemical and radiochemical works, storehouses. The enterprise has over 35 years experience of design activity in creating new and upgrading operating projects of the nuclear industry.

Construction and assembly works during nuclear power plant construction are carried out by many enterprises of the Russian nuclear industry within AEP structure.

Atomstroy Investment and Construction ConcernJoint Stock Company


Year of establishment: 2001

Percentage of share ownership: 100%


Construction and assembly company, carrying out works on erection of new NPP units and nuclear industry objects. Participated in construction of new nuclear power units, enterprices of nuclear fuel cycle, oil and gaz complex, electricity production. The construction works are performed in full compliance with all modern technologies and international standards. The company is also engaged in R&D works for improving complex building projects execution.

Centroenergomontazh, Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1924
Percentage of share ownership: 25.5%
Construction and assembly company, one of Russia’s leading specialized companies in mounting heat-mechanic equipment and tubings at heat and nuclear power plants; manufactures parts and assemblies of technological tubings for non-standard equipment, gas and air pipelines, etc., power tools and appliances; includes 10 construction divisions in Central Russia, five of which are located at Kursk, Smolensk and Novovoronezh NPP, as well as Novomoskovsk Boiler Mechanical Plant and Special Gear Plant in Moscow; dates back to historical ‘Teplo i Sila’ (Heat and Power) Company, which took active part in implementing the GOELRO plan (developing of electricity production and networks).

Energospetsmontazh, Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1965
Percentage of share ownership: 53.74%
Construction and assembly company; specializes in execution of nuclear and heat power engineering projects, as well as reconstruction and repair of nuclear power engineering and industry projects, construction of industrial and heating boiler plants. The company has been involved in building and commissioning power units of Leningrad NPP and Ignalina NPP, a number of research reactors, heat power plants, chemical works. Energospetsmontazh took active part in the elimination of consequences and construction of containment at Chernobyl NPP (Ukraine); currently the main projects of the company are Volgodonsk NPP, Kalinin NPP, Novovoronezh NPP, as well as Busher NPP (Iran).

Lenatomenergostroy, Specialized Construction and Assembly Company  (SSMU ‘Lenatomenergostroy’), Joint Stock Company
Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Region
Year of establishment: 2000
Percentage of share ownership: 0% (the enterprise is currently in the process of incorporation)
Website currently under construction.
Construction and assembly company carrying out works on design of buildings and structures, erection of nuclear power engineering and industry projects, manufacturing metal structures and reinforced concrete products. Lenatomenergostroy is also engaged in reconstruction of power units, conducting general overhaul.

Mosspetcatomenergomontazh (JSC ‘MosSAEM’), Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1975
Percentage of share ownership: 25.5%
Specialized construction and assembly company; carries out construction of industrial buildings and structures, nuclear and heat power plants, manufacturing and assembly of metal structures, mounting of cranes, installation of pipelines, production of ready-mixed concrete and mortar, manufacturing of joinery; carries out works at Smolensk, Volgodonsk, Kalinin NPP, Smolensk HPP-2; erects monolithic reinforced concrete structures; provides construction pile foundations, repairs, reconstruction and upgrading of nuclear power plants, erection nuclear materials storage and processing complexes.

Mospromtechmontazh, Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1946
Percentage of share ownership: 49%
Website currently under construction.
Construction and repair company, carries out construction and assembly works, machinery repairs, design, construction and repairs of buildings, cargo transportation.

Sevkavenergomontazh, Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1985
Percentage of share ownership: 25.5%
Construction and assembly company, specializes in works on equipment installation during construction and reconstruction of heat and nuclear power plants, as well as projects of fuel and energy sector; carries out installation, tuning, manufacturing and repairs of equipment for nuclear and heat power plants, underground facilities, explosion-, fire- and chemical-hazardous works; construction of projects of gas supervision, oil and gas industry, safety expertise in oil and gas industry; manufactures construction steel structures.


Spezmontazhmekhanizatsiya, Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1946
Percentage of share ownership: 49%
Website currently under construction.
Specialized construction and assembly company, carrying out works on design of buildings and structures, mainentrance and reconstruction of electricity units, transportation services.

Zarubezhatomenergostroy, All-Russian Production Assembly (JSC ‘VPO ZAES’), Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1973
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Website currently under construction.
Construction and trade company, supplier of equipment for nuclear power plants; ensures quality of manufacturing control and technical acceptance of nuclear fuel, equipment, devices and materials for nuclear power plants, including ones in foreign countries.



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