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Uranium Conversion and Enrichment

At present Russia possesses the most advanced uranium enrichment technologies in the world. Enrichment is conducted in four Russian uranium enrichment plants within Atomenergoprom structure. In 2007, at the initiative of former President of Russia Vladimir Putin aimed at creating global infrastructure to support the development of nuclear power engineering in the world and observing the regime of nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, the world’s first International Uranium Enrichment Center (IUEC) under the auspices of IAEA  was created on the basis of one of these plants, Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Combine. Kazakhstan and Armenia also became participants of this project, and several states are demonstrating their interest in it. The Center offers the option of producing nuclear fuel using the client’s raw material and enriching it at IUEC facilities.

Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Combine (AECC), Joint Stock Company
Angarsk, Irkutsk Region
Year of establishment: 1957
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Uranium enrichment facility. Core activities include production and processing of radioactive materials. The complex also includes production of chemical compounds (anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, fluorocarbon compounds, ozone-safe freons) and devices (dosimeters). In 2007 it was decided to create the world’s first International Uranium Enrichment Center (IUEC) under the auspices of IAEA on the basis of AECC.

Production Association Electrochemical Plant (JSC ‘PA ‘ECP’), Joint Stock Company
Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Region
Year of establishment: 1962
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Uranium enrichment plant: production of low enriched uranium for nuclear power plants, stable and radioactive isotopes of various elements, technological pipelines for nuclear and heat power plants, chemical plants and other industrial projects. Also produces microprocessor-controlled static frequency converters for separation processes, electronic electricity meters.

Siberia Chemical Complex (SCC), Joint Stock Company
Seversk, Tomsk Region
Year of establishment: 1949
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
Production complex joining several processes of nuclear technology cycle. SCC includes seven production plants, a heat power plant, and a number of support subdivisions. Siberia Chemical Complex specializes in enrichment of uranium for use as nuclear power plant fuel; processing natural uranium in order to separate radioactive impurities, as well as impurities of molybdenum, tungsten and other elements accompanying uranium; production of pure substances based on the use of fluorine.

United Company Enrichment Sublimation Complex, JSC
Year of foundation: 2009
Ownership interest: 100%
OJSC “United Company Enrichment Sublimation Complex” (full name – Open Joint Stock Company “United Company Enrichment Sublimation Complex”) is an integrated company consolidating assets in uranium enrichment area. The company is a 100% affiliate of OJSC Atomenergoprom. It was founded with the aim to ensure meeting Russian NPP’s needs in enriched uranium product, enrichment and conversion services as well as export of enriched uranium, and uranium enrichment and conversion services within the framework of international commitments and contracts with foreign utilities. The foundation of the company is expected to be terminated by the end of 2009.

Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant (UEIP), Joint Stock Company
Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region
Year of establishment: 1949
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
The world’s largest uranium enrichment plant, developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art devices and process control systems for nuclear industry applications. Core activities include production of enriched uranium hexafluoride, nickel products, filters and filter elements, rechargeable batteries, isotopes of various elements. Certified for compliance to ISO 9001 quality management system standard.

Export of uranium enrichment services is performed by JSC TENEX.

TENEX (Techsnabexport), Joint Stock Company
Year of establishment: 1963
Percentage of share ownership: 100%
World’s largest supplier of nuclear fuel cycle products and services (in 2007, the volume of commercial export of uranium products (enriched uranium products and reactor fission units) was $1.58 billion). The company has 45 years of experience in foreign trade. It carries out supplies of uranium products for export into 40 countries of the world, providing uranium enrichment services for over 40 % of the world market. The company exports services of uranium oxide concentrate conversion into uranium hexafluoride and raw uranium enrichment services; as well as supplies enriched uranium, isotopes, rare-earth metals and other products. Furthermore, the company imports advanced technological, scientific and medical equipment. TENEX is co-founder of the International Uranium Enrichment Center (IUEC) from the Russian side. 


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