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Russian Nuclear Industry Perspectives

Former President of Russia (now - Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin has formulated large-scale plans on increasing the share of nuclear power engineering in the total electricity generation. The task is to increase the share of nuclear power in the country’s total energy balance by 2030 from the current 16% to 20-25%.

These plans have been detailed in the Federal Target Program ‘Development of Nuclear Power Engineering and Industrial Complex of Russia for 2007-2010 and until 2015’, approved by the resolution of the Government of Russia dated October 6, 2006. The fundamental goals of the program are: accelerated development of nuclear power engineering and industrial complex in order to maintain the country’s geopolitical interests and power security of the Russian Federation due to bringing into operation new standartized commercial power units for nuclear power plants with a total installed power capacity of at least 2 GW per year, promotion of products (works, services) of Russian nuclear fuel cycle organizations at the world markets and transition to construction and operation of nuclear power plants outside Russia. According to the program, the total installed capacity of NPPs by 2015 should exceed 33 GW (currently 23.3 MW). 26 advanced power units should be brought into operation by 2020.