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Atomenergoprom is a high-technology company paying considerable attention to development and introduction of innovations. The company’s scientific and technical policy is aimed at improving engineering and economical characteristics of manufactured products, which means the increase of engineering and economic efficiency of the whole production cycle.

For example, introduction of advanced technologies allows to implement safe, economically efficient and flexible fuel cycles at nuclear power plants. They achieve maximum fuel utilization, which decreases the fuel component in the cost of produced electricity.

In the course of implementing innovations, scientific and technological policy, AEP relies on the capabilities of a whole range of research institute joining the company. In addition, the company actively cooperates with numerous Russian and foreign research centers. In particular, effective cooperation is going on with Russian Scientific Research Center Kurchatov Institute  and a number of other research organizations.

Additional information may be obtained from the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom's Communications Department (also functions as the Atomenergoprom's Press Service) at  +7 499 949-4650, 949-4078 or by E-mail.